About Us

Is your bathroom Cabinet full of barely-used lotions and potions that neither delight nor deliver what you want? Are you tired of using  products and not getting the results?

Lophiel International was started when a skin care obsessive grew frustrated by the all the products that she came across throughout the beauty industry. Having invested in ineffective creams and disappointing serums, she decided to get rid of everything and get things which
actually, suited her skin type and gave her the desired results. She always used to suffer from Rosacea (red skin) but never found particular products to soothe her skin in the Indian Market.

So she started her own brand.

We are a dedicated team of beauty devotees completely there for you. Lophiel International is a one stop destination for all those skincare and makeup enthusiast. Whether it’s a problem- solving treatment or a new makeup product in the market, we have it all.